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25 years ago R. Ruby, a self-taught artist, discovered the inspiration to add his brush stroke to the art world through a most unlikely source. Call it genetic or call it fate, but many years ago when Great-Great Uncle Charles Tate "painted his passage" across the Atlantic from the Isle of Mann to the new world, he carried along a love of "illusion-as-reality" from the past that has been undoubtedly reincarnated in his nephew-R. Ruby.

Charles' admirable practicality was most charmingly remembered in his collecting of discarded house paint from the neighborhoods he traversed. With these orphaned odds & ends he created world-renowed portraits of the famous trans-Atlantic ships of the day, which is how he earned passage to his new home in America.

Fast-forwarding many decades, R. Ruby employed the pragmatic vision during his period of self-instruction, resulting in a one of a kind trompe L'oeil technique blending painting, illustration, airbrush, and his own unique perspective of the 3-dimensional relationships between color, shadow, and light. Murals breathe with life, images dance and beckon you to enter, textures take your imagination to any daydream you choose to dream.

His extensive background of experience, enhanced by years of travel, includes setdesign, modelmaking, and animation for films and television: illustration for major, national publications: and mural/texturework production for corporate offices, restaurants/hotels, and private homes. Calling upon his eclectic reservoir, R. Ruby finds each new commission a fresh challenge to complete with beauty, magic, and illusion where the blank canvas begins-whether it be a child's nursery, or the soaring lobby of an office building.

Of himself, R. Ruby candidly states, "I consider myself a self-taught artisan following in the footsteps of my family, feeling their legacy in my hands, my eyes, and my thoughts. With each brushstroke, I sense the opportunity to enrich myself and my client alike. When i can transform a favorite memory or dream into a realistic scene, panoramic view, or sensual atmosphere, that's the connection a client can relive and enjoy for a lifetime.

Client comments:

"Dear Richard, just wanted to write and thank you for the superb job you did on my spa room, the ceiling with all the fluffy clouds seems to really move and 'float' off my walls, your professionalism and dedication to the finest detail, is a rarity in today's world"
-Leisa Jakob, Heaven and Earth Day Spa

"We just can't thank you enough for bringing such joy and life to each of our boy's rooms. Your special attention to detail and style have been so refreshing. We appreciate your professionalism in completing this project with the utmost quality."
-Laura and Bart Tinsley

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