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His artistic talent and dedication to excellence, Richard Ruby has provided the finest in quality murals and faux-finishes for over 25 years.  His professionalism and integrity is exemplified by his guarantee of absolute satisfaction for each and every client.  “A home is a private sanctuary; it requires respect and careful attention to each and every detail.”  Whether you desire a traditional faux-finish, such as marble, stone, or wood-graining, or possibly you prefer the Old-World charm of a Tuscan look to give you that aged ambience of Europe—it can all be yours by utilizing the talent of Richard Ruby.

For those who want to “live” in the art, Richard Ruby brings the world into your home.  With a touch of his brush, and the right mixtures of color, shadows and light—the textures of a world of imagination come to life.  Dream it and it can be yours… 

The artist will sit down with you, discuss your ideas, and will bring an unending supply of possibilities to your vision.  A complementary quotation (with no obligation to you) is given shortly after such a meeting. 

You can live in your “dream home” today… Ask to speak with the artist Richard Ruby @ 702-658-9362


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